LifeStance Health Group, Inc.

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Class Period: June 7, 2021 - August 10, 2022
Date Filed: August 10, 2022
Case Number: 1:22cv06833
Jurisdiction: New York Southern District Court
icon-casetype Case Type: Securities Case
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Case Summary

LifeStance Health Group, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest providers of virtual and in-person outpatient mental health care. LifeStance Health benefitted from the state and local lockdown orders necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic starting in the spring of 2020. But by December 2020, several COVID-19 vaccines were being approved and administered, meaning LifeStance Health’s access to clients seeking virtual mental health services would significantly decline while demand for in-person services would increase. LifeStance Health conducted its IPO on June 10, 2021, selling 46 million shares at $18.00 per share, raising $828 million in gross proceeds. However, as the LifeStance Health class action lawsuit alleges, the IPO’s registration statement failed to disclose the following material facts: (i) that the number of virtual visits clients were undertaking utilizing LifeStance Health was decreasing as the COVID-19 lockdowns were being lifted, thereby flatlining LifeStance Health’s out-patient/virtual revenue growth; (ii) that the percentage of in-person visits clients were undertaking utilizing LifeStance Health was increasing as the COVID-19 lockdowns were being lifted, thereby causing LifeStance Health’s operating expenses to increase substantially; (iii) that LifeStance Health had lost a large number of physicians due to burn-out and, as a result, its physician retention rate had fallen significantly below the 87% highlighted in the IPO’s registration statement and LifeStance Health had been expending additional costs to onboard new physicians who were less productive than the outgoing physicians they were replacing; and (iv) as a result, LifeStance Health’s business metrics and financial prospects were not as strong as the IPO’s registration statement represented. At the time of the LifeStance Health class action lawsuit’s filing, LifeStance Health common stock traded in a range of $4.77-$7.70, a reduction of upwards of 73% from the price the shares were sold at in the IPO.