Sam Jones

Senior Financial Analyst
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Sam Jones is a Senior Financial Analyst with Saxena White’s California office. Prior to joining Saxena White, Mr. Jones worked for over 10 years as a financial and securities analyst at a leading securities litigation law firm, where he specialized in developing techniques for data modeling and visualization. He worked on numerous landmark securities cases including In re Bank of America Securities Litigation ($2.425 billion recovery), In re Lehman Brothers Equity/Debt Securities Litigation ($735 million recovery), In re Wachovia Corp. Securities Litigation ($627 million recovery), and Merrill Lynch Mortgage Pass-Through Litigation ($315 million recovery).

In the fallout of the housing and credit crisis, Mr. Jones pioneered techniques in data management and analysis for the firm’s then-developing RMBS and structured finance practice. He has worked on numerous individual and class action RMBS cases against most of the major Wall Street banks.

Since joining Saxena White in 2019, Mr. Jones has worked on numerous cases from initial analysis of the fraud, through litigation and settlement.  He has helped the Firm reach many landmark settlements against major corporations, including Covetrus ($35 million settlement), Evolent Health ($23.5 million settlement), GTT Communications ($25 million settlement), Health Insurance Innovations ($11 million settlement), Merit Medical Systems ($18.25 million settlement), and United Health Services ($17.5 million settlement).

Mr. Jones currently works with the Firm’s case-starting team, monitoring markets to identify and develop new litigation opportunities. In addition to identifying new cases, he also works with the Firm’s opt-out practice group to identify possible opt-out cases and client outreach efforts.

Mr. Jones graduated from Vassar College in 1996, where he studied anthropology with a focus on history and economics. After graduation, he worked extensively as a field archaeologist throughout the U.S. and in Israel before transitioning to a career in securities litigation and financial analysis.

  • Central New Mexico Community College, AA
  • Vassar College, BA