Case Evaluation

Saxena White’s portfolio monitoring services include case evaluations. Our highly experienced team analyzes potential cases based on criteria developed by our attorneys who have significant experience in initiating and evaluating cases in the securities area. Melding our research, portfolio monitoring technology, and reporting, Saxena White has established a thorough vetting process to analyze and recommend what role, if any, a client should consider in securities litigation actions.

Our conservative approach has served our clients well. We regularly advise our clients not to get involved and to “pass” on many potential securities fraud matters. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe in recommending active roles in litigation selectively, and pursuing only strong cases with the potential to achieve high recoveries. Our careful case selection process includes robust reporting of what cases should be considered and what cases should not be considered.

What Our Clients Say
“Saxena White provides excellent monitoring and counsel, the most prepared I have ever experienced. The professionalism of the Saxena White firm makes them stand out among their peers. Client relations are very important in selecting a securities ligation firm, and Saxena White client relations are superior.”
- Trustee, Firefighter Pension Fund
“Saxena White is extremely organized and timely with their monitoring and reporting.”
- Chairman, Police and Fire Pension Fund
“It has been remarked by Trustees that the timely notice and advice from Saxena White consistently demonstrates that this Firm is concerned with each of its clients welfare and tailors reports and advice in a manner consistent with the policies and goals of its clients.”
- Trustee, Municipal Pension Fund