Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights

Safeguarding Investments From Avoidable Loss Through Board Transparency and Accountability

Companies that are run better perform better. Numerous studies indicate that companies that enact superior corporate governance enhancements outperform their peers. Institutional investors increasingly utilize environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) standards as an integral part of an investment strategy. Many clients seek to actively engage public boards to increase disclosures and create policies regarding sustainability, diversity, safety standards for employees and consumers, and fiduciary practices relating to executive compensation, corporate waste, and board independence, among other things. 

Sometimes proxy voting and advocacy are not enough to rectify significant corporate wrongs. When engagement activity fails or is inappropriate, Saxena White counsels our clients on legal remedies. Saxena White works hand in hand with our clients to achieve significant benefits for shareholders including strengthening corporate governance, breach of fiduciary duty claims, merger related claims, and other types of shareholder derivative actions both in state and federal courts nationwide. Our team has achieved many landmark decisions over breaches of fiduciary duty, and has prosecuted actions challenging several highly publicized corporate transactions which violated the rights of public shareholders.