Global Litigation

Participation in Foreign Litigation is an Important Part of Recovering Losses in International Investments

Fraud and misconduct have no geographic boundaries and neither do our legal services. Large investors increasingly need to look beyond domestic borders to achieve necessary returns, and must work hard to develop globally diverse portfolios. With international investment comes international exposure, which creates the need to appropriately safeguard assets regardless of the countries in which they are located. Accordingly, international monitoring, analysis, and recovery are crucial to investment risk management. 

We continuously monitor and evaluate the global financial markets and routinely make recommendations regarding prospective or pending litigation in foreign jurisdictions. Since each country has distinct legal guidelines and procedural processes, we pride ourselves on investigating and identifying fraud-related losses early, so that sufficient time is available to research the viability of foreign claims, confer with local attorneys, and develop a plan for successful prosecution. Our firm combines our team of expert securities litigation attorneys with our extensive network of seasoned foreign affiliates to create a uniquely tailored international securities litigation practice. With alliances in key foreign jurisdictions like the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, U.K., and Australia among others, we have established relationships with the attorneys at the forefront of international shareholder litigation.

If you suffered a loss in foreign securities and would like more information on how to get involved in a case, please contact Maya Saxena