Portfolio Monitoring Services

Our institutional clients depend on us to provide them with accurate and timely information on losses attributable to securities fraud. Saxena White’s Select Investor Monitoring Service (“SIMS”) provides trustees and other fiduciaries with a comprehensive securities litigation monitoring system. Provided without charge to select institutional investors, this program provides coverage of each essential aspect of securities litigation. We monitor clients’ trading activity and cross-reference the trading to securities fraud cases. We provide regular reports, updates and communications on new-filed actions, quarterly reports, settlement notifications and other reports that can be tailored to the specific needs of the fund.

We manage our clients’ secure data and provide an encrypted online interface so that Saxena White professionals can access client data on a real-time basis. Saxena White utilizes the database to keep clients regularly updated about important information. In addition, we also offer our clients a secure, private extranet that is always available to review the impact of securities class actions on their portfolio. The platform provides encrypted access to a comprehensive litigation database that is cross-referenced with transactions and holdings.

What Our Clients Say
“It has been remarked by Trustees that the timely notice and advice from Saxena White consistently demonstrates that this Firm is concerned with each of its clients welfare and tailors reports and advice in a manner consistent with the policies and goals of its clients.”
- Trustee, Municipal Pension Fund
“Saxena White’s client service is top-notch. I am impressed with their diverse workforce and ability to assist in any circumstance, no matter how small.”
- Administrator, Taft-Hartley Fund
“Saxena White is extremely organized and timely with their monitoring and reporting.”
- Chairman, Police and Fire Pension Fund