Direct Actions

Strategic Direct Actions Can Protect Valuable Claims and Maximize Recovery

Numerous high-profile cases demonstrate that, in the right circumstances, filing a direct (or “opting-out”) lawsuit can yield significant value. Direct resolutions can provide many advantages over passively participating in a securities class action, including the potential for accelerated recovery of substantially larger sums. Our clients rely on us to advise them on when navigating the complex landscape of private litigation is right for them.

Benefits of Direct Actions

When approached properly, opt-out actions can be a powerful tool for large shareholders to enhance recoveries in financial fraud litigation.  The strategic advantages of opt-out actions include:

  • Bespoke Litigation 
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Additional Avenues of Recovery 
  • Faster Recoveries
  • Maximizing Recovery

Our comprehensive monitoring tools and customized on-line database includes analysis of all statutory deadlines, available claims, investment products, and the precise quantification of losses under applicable legal and accounting standards, ensuring that alternative paths to recovery are timely considered and fully vetted. If a decision is made to litigate, our attorneys tailor direct action cases to the unique factual circumstances of each client, enabling us to achieve greater recoveries.

“Various studies do show that plaintiffs with large losses that opt out often obtain recoveries that were many multiples of those obtained by class participants.”

- CRA Insights, “Securities Litigation Settlement Costs if Large Shareholders Opt Out” June 2013 Study